What happened on Shuga Radio Episode 2?


Inscrit le 27 juin 2012
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So that was the second episode Shuga Radio: Love Sex and Money where Sofia seems to be getting to know her way around the hustling and bustling city of Kisumu.

Sofia has come to realize it’s not all as rosy as she had expected back when she was in the village dreaming about being reunited with her long lost love Fally. It seems that the 19-year old had nothing short of big dreams and her fantasies just weren’t becoming a reality as she woke up after the first night in Fally’s house. Furthermore, Fally telling her that he was banking not just his but their future on his musical dreams did not sit down too well with Sofia. She was convinced that he would go nowhere if he held on to his ‘childish’ dreams.

Sofia wanted more than she was getting but because she had feelings for him, being content was the best option though she went out to try her luck at finding a job, not having any qualifications but her knowledge of sewing. This desire leads her to a hotel in the city center where she’s thankfully given hope by the secretary that she should come back on Friday.

Meanwhile Fally had a conversation with his close friend Feruz at the truck depot where they worked. Feruz was inquiring about the new lady of his house (Sofia) and exactly what kind of relationship they were having because it was evident a lot more was going on. Fally tried to brush aside the topic but his friend insisted that if since they were living together and you never know what would happen, the two should get tested for HIV.

Sofia makes a call home to her mother, updating her on the sophistication of the city and its dwellers but leaving out a lot of stuff that’s going on in her life. Her stammering leaves her mother with a lot of question marks as to what really is going on since her daughter left for the city but she encourages her daughter to stay safe and take care of herself.

It is apparent that Sofia and Fally have been reunited after a very long time. Feruz advices Fally that the two should go get tested for HIV. Do you think they should?

Listen to the episode here: [http://mtvshuga.com/audio/episode-2/]

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