What Have You Done Lately?

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Inscrit le 4 juin 2013
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At one point in all of our lives, we find ourselves somewhat lost and confused. For me, that point is right now. I believe that we are all aware of the current problems faced by the world today. Poverty, Malnutrition, we see the hungry and the poor everyday in our individual lives; at least I do. I was born in a third world country but I was blessed to be in a family with enough money to get us by. That being the case, I get to see the unfortunate people but I'm not one of them. When I was younger and I would see them, I would ask myself why are they suffering and I'm not? With the answer that maybe I'm one of the lucky ones which is why I should be happy. But that's just not how it is anymore. When I see them now, I ask myself the same question. What did they do to deserve being in their position? But more importantly, what did I do to deserve not being in it? I realized that the answer is nothing. Nothing because they don't deserve their position just as I don't deserve mine. Sometimes I would feel apologetic for all the privilege I feel someone else deserves, someone who is not me. I eventually learned that you can't run away from who you are. Saying sorry for my blessings won't do anything good for me or them so needless to say, it's pointless. Feeling sympathetic or sorry for these people won't do them any good at all because they need more than our sympathy, they need our help. So maybe I just can never figure out why the poor are poor and the rich get richer, why the ones who are greedy are those who already have a lot, but I do know that there are people who need help, and I know that I can help. There are people who have less and people who have more, it's basic logic really. If only we can be happy having enough. So maybe my help is ever so little, and maybe it won't change the world, but maybe and just maybe it could change the world for one helpless little child.

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