What is being Human in my opinion?

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I've asked many people what being human means. I've asked young,old,teens 98% of them don't share the same definition as me. So, what is being human to me?

Being human I believe, is not being only flesh and bones. See for me being human consists of many things. One of them being sensible. Being sensible of others pain, being sensible to problems. Being aware. Being aware for me is knowing what is happening in the world, is caring about what's going on, being aware is knowing and wanting to help. The most important part of being human for me is not being indifferent. Not being indifferent to the others pain, not being indifferent to the environment, not being indifferent to the problems we face today.

I've seen that some of today's youth has lost their humanity. Today's youth I've seen has become so indifferent towards everything. Most don't care if they waste water, most I've seen personally litter the streets and not care, most don't care about the environment. They've become indifferent to the others pain, now when there's a fight and someone's in pain they laugh record it and see it as a game. I don't know if any of you have read The Hunger Games but there's this thing in the book that says "panem et circenses". I see it every day teens now days only want fun and that life style. They have become indifferent to those who don't have bread, they ridicule and humiliate them instead of lending a hand. They are now looking for a life like the capitols life, to give an example.

I've seen that today's generation is living by the least effort. Nobody cares if something turned out good or bad, if they failed or succeeded. Nobody puts effort in anything anymore. It's because of their indifference towards the world.

I've seen that the loss of humanity has and is bringing the world down it's destroying the world. At what moment did we stop caring, at what moment did everything become not worth it? At what moment did people start losing their humanity. At what moment did the child that is being gas bombed become not "my problem". That's when humanity comes in just because you aren't affected directly doesn't mean that you can't help or that it's not your responsibility. There is a person that I admire a lot and he once said "You have the right to use your life, to help save others, that is the reason to be alive". That is something that I've lived by for all my life, I feel like if I am so fortunate and blessed to have a roof over my head, food, education a LIFE simply I should use it so that others can have the essentials of life, so that others aren't left in conditions that can be avoided. Being human is so simple, helping others without anything in return is the most satisfaction that anyone can have, it really requires love for the world.

Many people will and do blame society but then again, this IS THE SOCIETY THAT WE HAVE CREATED! Thankfully not everyone is like this there is still human people, and I'm not judging but sharing my point of view and opening eyes, we can't fall asleep and let humanity and the world degrade it's self, let's be human! Let's be human together so we all can create a better place, one person does make a difference, you can be that person.

Do we want a world of humans? Do YOU want a world of humans?

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