What is Money to You(th)?

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CLIMB - What is Money to You(th)

CLIMB - What is Money to You(th)

Do the youths really know about money?

We all know the definition of money as a medium of exchange or a legal tender for buying and selling.

We all want to make a lot of money, youths are known with having many ideas bubbling within them, but it seems implementation is impossible because of lack of funds.

For lack and insufficiency to be reduced and perhaps eradicated especially among the youths, there is an urgent need to understand some things we can do with money. These understanding can help us to shine bright lights on today and bring hope for posterity.

Michael Gibney once said, 'there are really only 5 things you can do with money: Earn it, Spend it, Save it, Invest it, Give it'

These 5 things we can do with money sound so simple (except for the 2nd one-spend it), but when it comes to the action part, there arise some struggles and complains. Questions begin to arise such as: How can I earn money and how much do I need to earn? How can I save money that is not even enough? How can I spend little and still be contented? How much should I give? Where should I invest? In this short piece, I will quickly underscore some of these challenges.

Let me start with Earning.

To earn means to receive money or payment of some other kind in return for work done. There are many ways to earn a living: working at a job, self-employed, freelancing as a writer, artist or virtual assistant etc. There is always joy in working to earn, a sluggard doesn't deserve any food on the table. Be certain you don't overwork, depriving yourself, family and friends of time you could use in other types of capital, such as social capital. Don't also fall into the trap of working lazily, not maximizing your potentials and causing others around you to pick up your slack attitude.

It is really all about starting small. You really don't have to bother so much on the amount you earn for now. There are paid internship today or even volunteering, be sure you are learning, honing your skills, polishing your abilities, and still getting some money.


Who doesn't like to spend? Perhaps, only economist like my sister. Naturally, when we are in the vicinity of things that trigger the pleasing emotions of out mouth, eyes, touch, nose or ears, we just want it even if we don't need it. Youths, the first rule of spending you need to put in mind and act out is to always spend less than you earn.

A question arises, what if I don't earn anything right now? It simply means you have broken this rule a million time. Now is the time to start thinking of earning. Yes, as a student, you can earn. How? While I was in the university, I liked configuring my friends' phone for internet service and fixing software issues on their laptops for free. I never knew I could make a lot of money from these free services. You can be good in communication and oratory, let people pay you as master of ceremony (MC) for events, etc.

It seems like incurring some debt is inevitable today, especially when it comes to purchasing costly items. If you stick to doing things on a cash-only basis, you may have to wait a little longer to purchase what you want, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Don’t borrow against your future, because the future is sometimes uncertain. Make it certain by your decisions today.


I have a fixed budget for transportation to work, but there are days a friend or even a stranger will give me a lift, that unused money goes into my savings or used to pay for someone else's transport fare some other day. My savings keeps growing, yes, it still does.

The small wise ants understand this principle so well, they gather in the summer for harvest much later.

While saving money is prudent and wise, there is a fine line between saving and hoarding. A good way to tell the difference is to ask yourself whether you’re putting your trust in your savings or in Providence. As your savings account grows, make sure your faith in God’s provision grows along with it! The important thing here is to cultivate the habit of saving and not just consume all. You can start small by saving just 1% of the money you earn.

Start Earning,

Less Spending,

Growth in Savings.

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Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) alive.

I will be covering the other 2 things we use money for in my next post.

Much Love. cheers :)

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