What Night Hunting practice in Bhutan has gotten us to.


Inscrit le 15 mai 2013
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Despite being a Bhutanese and having lived in Bhutan for over 17 years I was shocked at finding out about the Night- hunting practice that has prevailed for a long time now. Night hunting is basically an activity whereby men gain entrance into female adolescents house at night to engage in sexual activity.

It is said that if the man is found with the women the next morning, he would be assigned her husband. Although the practice was very high during the past it had decreased considerably now and takes place mostly in the rural areas as of now. As a result of the early night hunting practices we now have women and children affected by AIDS, we have poor children with no father, and uneducated mothers who have to work all through the day to support their children. Night-hunting is a harmful traditional practice and I hope people will try to put an end to it.

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