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Hi guys! I´s guessing we are aware on how the world has turned into a divergent place where injustice, war and hunger somehow have managed to coexist with better technology, and volunteering turning into a worldwide gear to enhance and improve healthcare and human rights education.

However I´m not going to try to balance the “good” versus the “evil” in our world; rather I will pretend to answer a question I´m sure most of us have had at least once in our lifetime: if I were a millionaire what would I solve? And how?

I asked myself this question many times when I was younger and my wishes always revolved around basic whims and childish yearning, but I´ve grown up to notice that we face great challenges that involve our surroundings and our whole planet, which has made me realize that maybe a little personal problem of mine comes as a result of a huge “abstract” issue that I wouldn’t have had in mind before giving the whole situation a wide and comprehensive though.

So, what would I do? I would “save” the planet – In terms of environmental welfare - and why? Mainly because this awesome planet of ours shelters an amazing amount of features that have proven through generations how much of a miracle it is to have the perfect balance to host people and animals, from thunders and lighting to calmed sea waves nature is in a word stunning. Living as if there was no tomorrow or acting like we had a second or third planet for ourselves is wrong, abusive and selfish.

My second reason to “save” the planet is because future generations deserve to enjoy and have enough resources to live and share the beauty that has surrounded mankind for centuries.

The third reason is because the climate change effects has turned into a sort of “natural inequality” to which heavy raining expresses through floods in the countryside as it seems to decorate the city areas with a grey “vintage” look, as well as drought appear as summer break for some while they represents shortage in other areas, and to make the whole “natural inequality” even worse choking the environment sometimes turns into a cruel business that enables illegal and cruel agreements as it is the case of animal hunting that generates great profit for mafias these organizations work maintaining and even deepening social inequality through highly condemnable methods.

Now that I´ve made my point here´s how I would solve it - there are direct ways to decontaminate el water, end excessive trash, save energy or directly building strict policies to control pollution and protect animals – and ourselves by doing so.

However my “method” would simply be education, just because we are not going to accomplish something with full engagement unless we completely aware of what we want and consent on the impact we want to generate, in other words commitment (to me) is meaningless without “love for the cause”, the one that gives us strength to work towards something regardless of how much time, effort and sacrifice it may mean, and “green”-oriented education to me is worth to “save” our planet and have positive repercussion in people´s live; what would YOU do if you were millionaire? Do you want to contribute at an specific topic? Comment down below if so :)

Thanks for reading!!

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