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Inscrit le 26 janvier 2012
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With spring break and summer around the corner, everyone wants to get that perfect “beach body,” including celebrities. A main focus of the media has always been appearance, which has increased the number of people who participate in unhealthy, unsafe habits, such as anorexia or bulimia. However, the more popular trend now is healthiness.

Glee’s Amber Riley has recently dropped two dress sizes. Riley simply wanted to be healthier, so she cut fast food out of her diet. That’s it! No diet pills, no crazy meal plans. She simply gave up fast food, and gained a healthier lifestyle.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar says she has done away with junk food. Her family also takes advantage of their juicer, which they use to make drinks from fresh fruits and vegetables that she gets from “the farmers’ market.” Gellar says she and her husband have “already taught [their daughter] to love healthy food” and that “it’s important at a young age to enjoy different tastes.” She says that they’re all healthier, including her daughter, who Gellar says can’t get enough sushi.

Maybe it’s because America is getting a bad reputation, being the obese country, but it’s a good habit for Americans to get into. Americans are realizing that health is more important than appearance and getting in shape the healthy way is more beneficial.

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