When education becomes something else


Inscrit le 20 février 2012
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Education has been a common topic where everyone talks about. When everyone at some point of time would face it, and go through it. Education fees as we know have increased over the years, if you want a better education system you pay more. But I am wondering, some higher class and prestigeous school's school fees actually cost A LOT.

Really? By going to that great pretigeous schools do we get 1st class services or get EXTRA smart when we pay more? I highly doubt so. Getting in to those schools have been something where people brag about to show that they are rich to be able to afford it, where people are seen as of "higher value" and socially being "in". Of course we get a higher chance of getting a better job when we go to known prestigious schools, but I am talking about primary and high schools not universities. I believe that everyone have the equal chance of acheiving good grades, it's the matter of how much effort you put to our studies. Already many unpriviledge children from places around the world are struggling and facing challenges into achieving simple education, and certain primary/high schools from well developed countries claiming to be the bourgeois class charge more than universities!

Sometimes I wonder whether are we paying more for the facilities in those schools, or are we really getting the education that we need. Sure, not ALL schools are like that. Some of them are fine, but some are just charging outrageous fees. Since when did education become a form of business to make more money? Schools are just to provide education for people and help them, not helping them to burn holes in their pockets. It can be argued that people that are rich can simply afford and have no problem in doing so.

But why not use that amount of money to help childen who are caught in poverty?

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