When Governments Crumble...

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Inscrit le 25 juin 2013
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The American government has shut down. After this past week's events and our bicameral legislature falling apart, American civilians are looking for a shining light ahead. In 1776, our founding fathers drafted a constitution to create a representative democracy. In this sense, Americans have had rights and regulations around them for centuries, it's part of this democratic culture. I am all for democracy, I mean I am perhaps the biggest advocate for democracy out there. Although this is true of me, and probably millions of other people, I have to say that I'm disappointed and feeling a bit enlightened. You see, this debacle only came about because our government was fighting and arguing over matters which were petty. There was corrupt, political leverage involved and that was about it. One side wanted a leg up against the other and it led to a shutdown of our government.

So first, the disappointment. America is the most politically advanced nation in the world. I'm incredibly proud of it! However, our lawmakers are often bickering over what we call "partisan politics". It's similar to when you were a kid and you didn't like someone else because their favorite color was green and not blue. We need healthcare, we need laws, and it looks like we need to choose better leaders. This can all be fixed as I'm sure American citizens are on the case of reviving the government and giving it the all-around "makeover".

Second came the enlightenment. I say this because I think I finally understand, along with all of America, what other developing governments go through around the world. Third world countries are drowning in a sea of inefficiency and in turn, lives are lost, health is poor, and hunger is abundant. The horn of Africa is perhaps the best example of this. For years, we have all preached the principle that "strong governance is the key to national success". Well, there are priorities, political agendas and secretive doors behind which lie the corrupt governments of the world. Right now, we should all be asking one thing: How do we fix it?

This has a simple answer. We as teens need to take this matter into our own hands. The best part about being a kid is having an incredibly fertile imagination. Let's use these imaginative minds to start innovating. Write letters to your government, speak out on public forums like Facebook and Twitter, do something like writing for VOY! Anything to get the word out...you have to have one motto: just do it. Okay NIKE, I accredit this usage to you.

Regardless, we need to take time to start voicing these problems to our governments. They make mistakes, as all humans do, and often need citizens to tell them what the real problems are. We can do that and more. In essence, it's up to us and we have to take charge. So let's get out there and start talking, start demonstrating and start acting for what we believe!

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