Where do we start from?

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© UNICEF/NYHQ2013-1424/Noorani

© UNICEF/NYHQ2013-1424/Noorani

If we can't stop the war, then maybe we can change a heart, and help those who need our aid. The world today has carved us into divine beings prone to the alteration of the universe. Nonetheless, we have been condemned by nature and at the same course raised to a unique base by its prowess. In all, we have seen a difference in life, scope and justification. Nature has almost shut the doors to those suffering from the war. Now they are scattered abroad, like ants when splashed with water. What we need is unity and a helping hand to raise the standards again for Syria. We should all come together to share a thought of grace, aid the broken hearted and put a smile on the faces of the condemned. Almost 1/3 of Syria's population is ruined and rendered homeless, due to an unending protest for civilization, the rights and other vital notions set at heart. We can't stop nature, its disaster, protests and other query that may arise afterwards, but we can help if it occurs. Let's come together as one family to help build what has been condemned and set to ruin. Save the youths, save the young boys and girls - Save Syria!

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