Who is to blame for Youth(s) Illegal Act ?

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Here we Are !!!

Here we Are !!!"

Many a time, I have tried to deduce the consequences of some arrogant notions displayed by most youths. The world we live in is profoundly able to garnish our being to prosperity, and at the same make us subjects to harsh circumstances which will carve us into strong, unrelenting and determined youths if we work towards perfection. And we destroy our aspect for a futuristic goal if we reduce our stance, by ploughing the roads of havoc. Today, we have youths in prisons, for violating governmental laws and the commandments (which is induced in, "LOVE"). Most parents have been great and worthy of note, because they have nurtured and trained their children in the right way - using the right principles. Still at this, most youths feel reluctant and partake in corruption, rape, killing, cults, sex scandals and other illegal acts. It's stated that - "we (Youth(s)) are the leaders of tomorrow." But 88% of the world's most populous crimes are done by youths. Youths' whose future glow more than the stars. Who is to blame? Is it the parent? I don't believe that a mother will advise her child to kill or rape a girl. And I don't believe a father, in his sane mind, will propels his son to join a cult. So who is to blame? The environment has a very tremendous phase to play as an assisting dictator of youth growth. "But should we allocate the illegal acts, committed by youths to the environment?" Also, the government. Poor governance has reduced the overwhelming growth of most countries, and as a result destroyed the countenance of most youths. This has made most youths swear the, "Oath of Allegiance", to evil. Should we then, blame the government?

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