Why I think it’s important to include children and youth in businesses. 

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Inscrit le 18 novembre 2013
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When I will be the CEO of a company, I will make a system only to monitor businesses’ advertisement to see if they respect child and human rights. It’s important to be loved by children because they represent the generation who will provide the care you need in old age. Also, they need to know from an early age their rights and their opportunities.

Companies have a big impact on society and of course, on children. Nowadays it’s getting more and more important to care about your customer. P&G, for example, makes lots of humanitarian campaigns and thinks all the time about children worldwide. This year, they distributed more than one million sachets of purified water for the people who’s recovering from Typhoon Haiyan. The campaign P&G children’s safe drinking water made me understand that this company really cares about people.

Businesses are very important because they make a connection between adults and youth. They have to learn the business principles for children to know how to create positive impacts for them. As I said before, maybe in first or second world’s countries you can’t see the immediate difference, but in countries like Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Ethiopia and Peru the impact can be huge. First of all, through advertisements, businesses can make people aware of child rights. Secondly, they have to engage children and adolescents with business and make them understand why even business people are good people.

In general, even it pollutes, business has a good impact in people’s life. They educate children because they can provide books or pay for education; even in developed areas they are study grants given by companies. They can provide food and water (especially when natural disasters happen) and trainings to prepare youngsters for the future. Why? Because they are the people who’ll take jobs in the company (jobs which are also provided by companies).

The main benefit of taking care of children in your business is the awareness you create for your company. For example, Coca-Cola Company is a role model for companies from all over the world. They made a campaign to unite people from India and Pakistan and to made them forget while taking a coke, the problems between these two countries.

So, in conclusion, in order to make children feel part of the community, businesses should contribute to a stable and sustainable business environment, continue to invest in learning and recreational projects for children and adolescents. They should also consider the price so that children can purchase products easier. Because children represent the next generations, companies should take care of them. They should include child’s view in their advertisement, because kids see things better and easier than adults, so why don’t take this as an example? We need to develop the next generation of talent!

Andra, 19 years old, Romania

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