Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?

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Introductory part child refers to a minor, that is a person younger than age of majority and youth means the period between childhood and adulthood.

It is important to involve the children and youth in business because they are young generation that have energy and passion to make a difference in modern society, for example children can contribute to the economy by creating wealth at tender age.

In this regard therefore it is of great help for children and youth to be involved in business because there impact in the society is believed to be greater and if strategized on it will improve necessities like medical, eradication of poverty and to fight for less privileged in the society. Youth have mindset that if they are involved in making their own decision regarding their businesses,they believe that they can make right decision and therefore fight for other children to curb malpractices like female genital mutilation and abortions which is affecting youth and children in greater way.

It is also important to involved youth in business because they will feel appreciated and loved and therefore will not be involved in criminal activities like robbery,rape, mongering and social evils like prostitution and this therefore this will make them busy and bring innovative ideas to tackle the problem of unemployment among the youth.

Youth and children are known to be vulnerable to evil among the society because of their tender age and therefore to involve them in business will make them busy and therefore only thinking on positively contributing towards the society.

Children and youth are also believed to have kind heart and therefore if given opportunity in business they can unite and motivate other fellow colleagues to invest in businesses hence promoting growth.

For example youth in Marsabit locality is involved in business where by the can buy and sell goats in order to pay for their school fees since the parents have not gone to school. They later come back to assist the local people at grass roots by volunteering to teach schools both nursery and secondary schools in this way we are providing service to our community which depend on livestock

For our survival, children and youth are therefore our role models especially in our community in the arid and semi arid area of Marsabit which is located 300km from moyale upper Eastern part of Kenya.

As part of the youth this is greater opportunity if given mandate can bring change to my community.


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