Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?

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Inscrit le 17 novembre 2013
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The importance of children and youth voices in and for business is immense. It is the foundation for enterprising a goodwill in a sustainable seeking society. The time has arrived that we change the traditional methods of accomplishing things, and the sooner the better. The voices of youth could establish a significant seed for a fruitful tree, for a country to lead in innovation & creation. The fresh minds of brilliant youngsters are well equipped to handle the challenges which the world is facing today. New ideas, creative thoughts, ambition settings, cogitating, project management, working in teams, planning and a strong determination to complete tasks and succeed are the invaluable assets which the youth possess. Indeed, the youth know the scintillating potentialities that lie within their will power. Leadership is a prized possession. The youth has the audacity to identify without neglecting the needs of the common people and work hard to eradicate the loopholes for a proper development. The ideas are ready to flourish. Our future 2050 needs an eventful sustainable society. Statistics say there are older people in entrepreneurship more in numbers than the 18+ youths. The legacy of continuing age-old taking over granny’s business in today’s time is almost over and glittering innovations are indeed required in the 21st century. Encouragement for the budding young entrepreneur’s voices will eventually lead to a positive rise in a nation’s economy. The Biz-Pundits should consider an essential focus on the youth to direct the creativity, energy and potential spirits because the voices raised by these young people show that potentialities are huge and significant. They can achieve a lot anticipating “I-M-Possible” horizons. Hence, it is necessary for the big-shots in a nation to listen to the voices of the younger generation because somewhere deep in a nation of millions, many exceptionally extraordinary budding seeds are awaiting to introduce a fertile sustainable future

-Abhilash (19)

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