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Inscrit le 20 février 2012
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Strangely enough, teenagers in today's society mistaken sexual intercourse as an act of love, or maybe it's all just raging hormones that they cannot have much control upon. Teenagers often forget to think about the consequences of their actions too because most of them would be to caught up in the heat of the moment, thinking that they are so "in love". There are many other healthier ways in which teenage society may express their love for one another but because of the wrong exposure among friends and the media, teenagers are very quickly and easily influenced.

Sexual intercourse is a rather dysfunctional act within the teenage society as accidental pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases can easily disrupt the social system. Girls do not realize that after being impregnated, education usually ends there for most of them and with that being said, how can one's nation continue to grow to be more successful when the numbers of teenage pregnancies are on a rise? Because once a girl has been impregnated, they have no choice but to be responsible for their child and the child's future. If teenagers have no choice but to drop out of schools by then, they would not have much knowledge about how they could contribute to the welfare of their nation.

With that being said, sex education should be provided in schools as well as the in media because it would proved to be very functional; teenagers would be more knowledgeable about sex before marriage and if they cannot abstain from it, they might as well do what they can to prevent accidental pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases from spreading.

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