Youth & Actions for Climate Change

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Inscrit le 27 mars 2011
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So many Youth are ready to take actions but they don’t know how according to The Climate Change “Take Actions Now” Guide published in 2009 , so in order to get started you have to collect information from Books , newspapers, contact local NGO’s organizations .

Make a list of what kind of problems your community Face , count the negative & positive & what are in your opinion the solutions for these problems. Make a group & try to discuss with your group what actions you can take to tackle the problem , Also try to find out what caused the problem in the first place?

And now that you have gathered information try to make a plan to motivate others to take actions it’s a very important step in succeed. Also you have to set a time frame to achieve your goals.

You also have with your group to spread the word using social media & try to communicate with people to make your voice heard and now it’s time for Evaluation How was your feeling about taking part & motivating others , Have you managed to make others participate , What was your effect weather it was effective or not.

After studying the impact of your plans & actions encourage & thank your group for their efforts in making difference in your community.

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