Youth and Business - The Power of Being Listened

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Inscrit le 18 novembre 2013
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As a young person, I frequently get asked what I want to buy, what I wish to consume. Big, medium, small, all kinds of companies and business want to understand me, want to know how I react, what attracts me. It is like we are some big fat babies with a lot of money in our pockets, the jewel of any big businessman. They all want to know how to make me consume more, but most of them don't get that the key to make me consume me more: just listen me a little bit closer.

Some of us have been told, since we were little, that we were born in a great era and, because of that, we were all so accomodated. We didn't have to fight for anything. And, at the same time, we always listened to the cliché that 'the children are our future'. It was all so complicated and confusing.

However, I don't think that. think that we are a purpose-driven generation. Internet made us connect. It made us saw that not all of us were born lucky. So we changed. Arab spring, Brazilian protests, rebellions all around the world. We are showing that we do care.

And then you ask me: but hey, how do that translate to business? And to that I say: everything is linked together. The new generation of young people is connected and socially oriented. Mouth to mouth has never been easier and hey, if my friend didn't like your services, you must bet that I won't be buying it as well. Shaming has never been more of a promotion and detracton tool than now. So companies, you better be aware and walk the line straight.

Simultaneously, we have a big deep wish of doing something more. Something bigger than ourselves. That's why crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, crowd-anything works. There we can exercise our power to say: 'I trust you. I believe in your business/your cause'. It is the exemplification of the power that we have of doing something meaningful among ourselves. And that summed up to our purpose-driven generation creates a sense of social responsibility. We are in motion right now. So we will value the ones that are as well, especially when it comes to business.

So here is my tip to the big leaders of any kind of sector: show us that you care. Not only care about the products that you manufacture and the services that you offer. Show us that you care about the world that we are living in. Show us that you listen! There are a lot of social issues going on and we do know that you can do something about it. But now, more than ever, we don't just know it - we will value it and even charge it from you guys. After all, you are talking to the ones who will take care of the future and we are owning this responsibility now.

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