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Inscrit le 8 août 2012
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Here I am. Now. Living. Here writes a girl from a faraway country, who wants to express her thoughts for all the world. I would like to tell you about one problem, which may be a hit in 5 or 10 years. DISABILITY.

Do you know how MANY people with autism are there on Earth? Or children with dyslexia, Asperger syndrome etc? Indigos, ambidexters? Millions, but there will be more, boomingly more! And they all need your support now, because they are not very happy with their future. They have a wish to be like all of us, but sometimes no one can do anything for them. Society cannot accept them, because they are unusual! Should they be forever alone? No! Surprisingly, they can be very smart, already having their own innovative ideas, which can be promoted, if we want to!

So, how can we help? Here are my suggestions. 1) Make festivals of ideas specially designed for such children. 2) Build special schools or create facilities for them - rooms, tutors etc. 3) AND develop high technology for them! Unfortunately, there are not many specialists of this kind in the world, but we can brighten the world if only we make "Work with disabled" a higher education program everywhere possible!

Please HELP! We MUST be a guiding light for disabled people, and, who knows - may be we could raise a generation of new young thinkers, who will be able to change the world to the better!

I personally will help during my university studies in Europe. I will try to write books about them and integrate more smart technology. What can YOU offer?

If you have a question, please write it in the comments.

Photo: © UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1450/Giacomo Pirozzi Azerbaijan, 2011, Oboist Christoph Hartmann plays with a toddler at the Institution for Children with Psycho-Neurological Disabilities, in Baku, the capital.

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