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You were the Moses of this era.

Publié 11 décembre 2013 no picture Yannick Nuar Blessed

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Inscrit le 11 décembre 2013
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Some men are born, others are forged by the situations and circumstances that surround them, but they turn around to change the tides. RIP FATHER OF ALL. HOPE YOUR EXAMPLE WILL BE EMULATED BY OTHERS WHO WILL LEAD US. The Peace you brought to the world is the peace you leave with the world. RIP


Publié 10 décembre 2013 Avatar Perry Mwiba

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Inscrit le 31 août 2012
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Nelson Mandela you may be gone, but your dreams, aspirations and legacy lives on. You were a leader like none. You treated everyone equally in spite of their race, color or position in society. It is through you that whites and blacks learned to live and work together. Today you are no more, but we, the youths of today will try to emulate you and continue the fight for a better tomorrow. You have done your part and did it greatly. It's now up to me and my fellow youths around the w...

Remembering Nelson Mandela VOY style.

Publié 10 décembre 2013 no picture Muyu

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In respect to the late hon. Nelson Mandela, this short message should help all of us show case our tribute based on Tata's unconditional love for children. "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." R.I.P Nelson Madiba Mandela.

Celebrating a life well lived

Publié 9 décembre 2013 no picture Pontso SA

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Inscrit le 23 août 2013
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South Africa and the world at large this week is celebrating the life of one of the global icons, former and first South African democratic president, Mr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who passed away on Thursday the 5th of December 2013, at the age of 95. Mr. Nelson Mandela is synonymous with peace, justice, reconciliation and humility. After spending 27 years in prison for the struggle against apartheid or racial segregation, he strove for a united South Africa where people would l...

A Special Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Publié 6 décembre 2013 no picture jahan

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I want to pay my tribute to the great man, who, with the power of education and immense courage changed the picture of South Africa.. He should be highly respected as he endured a lot for the freedom of his country. May god send him to heaven. He has fought against race discrimination which is the main cause of many deprivation of human rights. He was tortured, ill things have been said about him, but he still stood straightforward for the cause he supported. People of his country and of the...