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Why I Believe You Can Be a Human Rights Advocate

Publié 8 décembre 2014 Avatar Lauren Wedekind

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By age seventeen, Nam* had been forced into marrying a stranger, bearing his child, and risking her life to be a refugee on a remote island. In April 1975, the North Vietnamese Communist Party took over the Republic of South Vietnam, and violently threatened residents of Saigon, South Vietnam’s then-capital and Nam’s hometown. Like thousands of other residents, Nam’s family desperately uprooted from their relatively comfortable living situation, only to cram like sardines int...

Smiling faces as Ukrainian boys win OneMinutesJr award 2014

Publié 8 décembre 2014 Avatar MischaVOY

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AMSTERDAM, 30 November 2014 - The winners of the OneMinutesJr 2014 were announced by UNICEF and the One Minute Foundation during an awards ceremony in Amsterdam this weekend. Two of the three awards go to Ukraine while the third category was won by a young Syrian refugee currently living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Yuriy (14) and Ivan (13) from Ukraine were both present at the awards in Amsterdam. They participated in a OneMinutesJr workshop for Internally Displaced...

The Great Dictator

Publié 7 décembre 2014 Avatar Pao Suárez

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Movie tittle: The Great Dictator, 1940 Starring: Charles Chaplin Direction – Production: Charles Chaplin Interpretation (Main Characters): Charles Chaplin (Jew Barber / Adenoid Hynkel), Paulette Goddard (Hannah), Jack Oakie (Benzino Napaloni, dictator of Bacteria (Italy)), Reginald Gardiner (Schulz), Henry Daniell (Garbitsch) The great Dictator is a satirical film that portraits a joke on Nazi Germany within the story of a Jew survivor from 1WW who dedicates to his...

Youth Are Key to Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict

Publié 5 décembre 2014 Avatar End Sexual Violence

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Young people are the most vulnerable and underrepresented victims of war-zone rape, yet our voices are routinely excluded from peace processes and post-war reconstruction.


Young people are the most vulnerable and underrepresented victims of war-zone rape. They continuously face the threat of sexual violence and experience the unimaginable consequences of war. Yet our voices are routinely excluded from peace processes and post-war reconstruction. We, who are making crucial contributions to peace and represent those most affected by this scourge, are fighting to be heard. To realize peace, governments must work to support an inclusive solution that emp...

Be Against the Fallacies in the Concept of Marriage

Publié 4 décembre 2014 Avatar Shazrul Hafiz

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Marriage-related issue is no longer an extraordinary issue to be debated about as it is now commonly discussed because marriage is said to promote both, positive and good impacts to those who are involved in this kind of relationship. Well, a lot of people these days have a few misconceptions about marriage that they view marriage in a bad way which is via conflict perspective. They are most likely to believe that marriage promotes gender inequality for both, women. Technically, in Islam, marria...

Spread the message and not the disease

Publié 2 décembre 2014 Avatar Eric Mbotiji

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BAMENDA JOINS THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO CELEBRATE THE 26TH EDITION OF WORLD AIDS DAY “Spread the message and not the disease “.. These were the words of the governor of the N. W. Region and chairman of the Regional Aids Control Committee Lele Adolf Afrique as he was launching the2014 International Aids Day at the Amphi 1000 of National Polytecnique Bamenda under the theme Zero new infections, zero stigmatization and zero discrimination.Speaking at this event,the N.W re...

Zimbabwe and Human-Rights

Publié 2 décembre 2014 no picture MattChi

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Zimbabwe and the LGBT community. The Zimbabwean government needs to address, and solve, the issues affecting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. These issues have been marred with contempt and neglect, particularly from our political leadership. As a nation, we have defined gender in such a narrow manner and this has given the individuals who do not consider themselves to be either male or female a lesser chance of truly expressing their individual i...

CRC@25 – How to involve youth in a meaningful way?

Publié 1 décembre 2014 Avatar MischaVOY

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Inscrit le 20 novembre 2014
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A few days ago UNICEF celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the UN General Assembly in New York. The day was filled with speeches of eminent personalities, from heads of governments, to ambassadors and celebrities. But the strongest and most fascinating speeches and interventions throughout the day, came from the people who this day was dedicated to – children and young people from around the world. Ehab Monzer for example, a youth re...

Let’s protect the vulnerable!

Publié 29 novembre 2014 no picture Ma'Reke

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Somebody sent me a really disturbing video showing a grown woman severely abusing a toddler. The video was already trending online and the lady had been tagged ‘the monster nanny.’ To say the least, the video was horrible and leaves much to be desired. It sparked many angry reactions over the internet in Uganda and beyond. According to online news stories, the video was filmed by a hidden camera and showed a 22 year old nanny and an 18 month old child. The father of th...

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