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Echo of the Past

Publié 20 juin 2014 Avatar Kjruss100

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Inscrit le 20 juin 2014
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The fate of mankind, as well as religion, depends on the emergence of a new faith in the future. Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to resanctify the earth. This faith is us, the young people, taking charge of implementing the sustainable future that our leaders will discuss at Rio+20. Let us not just talk but acting too. We are the youth of the world's society. We are the only hope so let's make some noise!!! Let us show the world how serious we are in promotin...

Spiritual land grabbing

Publié 3 février 2014 no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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Inscrit le 31 octobre 2013
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It's so nice and great to have massive land space for spiritual purposes where you commune with your maker (God) in solace and enrich yourself spiritually. One thing keeps beating my imagination, that is the acquisition of large land for such purposes when local community people need lands for farming purposes and they are not given land by their community leaders. We keep fighting and speaking against multinational corporations and government establishments claiming indigenous l...

Spirituality and Soweto

Publié 29 décembre 2013 no picture Mpilonde Shady Manyike

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Inscrit le 28 octobre 2013
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My soul scored & bitten on the oak tree of Egypt by its own kind. I feel the plate tectonic drifting upon the natural earth created to be the dwelling of all mankind. With seas of blood hovering upon my misfortune of what could have been. KING OF MY OWN THOUGHTS but with a slay of the sword, my blood contributes to the volume of seas *in the fading image of that* in the exhalation of breath due to wait upon three days of restoration of what has been the unveiling of the tomb,...