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Selfless Service- You can do that too!

Publié 13 décembre 2013 no picture Cadmus Atake-E

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Inscrit le 31 octobre 2013
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Each and every day we seek to have a better world, a better society, a better generation, or a better family. Yet we fail to change our mindset about how we treat people around us, our environment and the ecosystem, and the organisms that exists around us. For us to get the best out of life and the environment, we have to make up our minds to change the way we react to basic issues in our life which have negative impact on others. A great American leader in the past once said "Ask not what your...

A new method on education?

Publié 15 décembre 2013 no picture Achmad

Inscrit le 9 octobre 2013
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Have you ever heard of Agro Pastoral Forestry? It is a new method on educating students in field which is by Agro Pastoral Forestry Field School. This education focuses on collaborating the realms of agriculture and pasture. It has been implemented in some regions in Africa, such as Uganda. However, Indonesia has started this education over thousand years ago. This educational method was introduced by a local community, but was newly recognized by researchers. It aims to educate the local commun...


Publié 15 décembre 2013 no picture Muyu

Inscrit le 12 octobre 2013
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images of kenyan flag - Tafuta na Google


As Kenya turned 50 on 12-12-2013, I was celebrating peace, love and unity. Kenya has come a long way from the gruesome Post Election Violence that took place in 2007. I swell with pride and joy as I watch my serene country grow into the nation I will be forever proud of. Happy Birthday Kenya.

Moving Forward through Climate Smart Leaders

Publié 16 décembre 2013 no picture Achmad

Inscrit le 9 octobre 2013
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The Issue: Repeated warnings of climate change impacts have obtruded scientists, civil society and indigenous peoples to look for initiatives and solutions. A thousand pace should be taken before a negative impact in the world, more notably global warming due. Before a solution has been met, we have already suffered the impacts. For instance, floods, droughts, epidemics, diseases, and uncertain climate conditions are negative impacts due to climate change. So, it is very important to...

Behind the Voices: "Keep living green"

Publié 19 décembre 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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Inscrit le 30 septembre 2013
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Please introduce yourself: I Am Cadmus Atake- Enade, an environmentalist from Nigeria. I am an ecoActor who believes in environmental advocacy and justice. I engage in campaigns for a sustainable future for generations to come. I believe in taking meaningful action and taking steps to sustain our ecosystem (environment) by educating children, youth and adults to live an environmentally, friendly life. I effectively harness and manage mother earth's natural resources through...

COP means what again?

Publié 21 décembre 2013 no picture Kwoba @H_Kwoba

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Inscrit le 8 novembre 2013
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Sometime in early November, I was invited to a very informative youth-led COP 19/CMP9 preparatory meeting with Kenya’s KEY country negotiators from the Ministry of Environment and the National Environment Management Authority. The meeting saw three constituency groups present their COP 19 position papers: · Kenyan youth · African CSOs · National draft position (We are not supposed to call it Government position) The youth position paper was presented by the Ken...

Lets stand up for the goodness of our generation and the next generation

Publié 26 décembre 2013 no picture Raphael l phiri

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Inscrit le 24 décembre 2013
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Being youths of this generation,we are truly leaders of today,not of tomorrow because tomorrow never comes..lets fight deforestation for our better environment...we can end it through mitigation, re-plantation,afforestation and through sensitization and adaptation projects.. We also need to act - in doing this others will realize, visualize, analyse and understand the fight of deforestation... Lets stand up for the goodness of our generation and the next generation - I believe we can. Lets also...

Happy New Year!

Publié 1 janvier 2014 no picture Shaba Shams

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Inscrit le 12 août 2013
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Happy New Year! Wishing for joy, peace and success in 2014! Learn to grow & know thyself. Love people and be human. Use your knowledge to create the world you love. Do what you love to do. Help people at any cost. Don't hate anyone because hate creates more hate. Respect everyone and everyone will respect you. Education is the power to create your world, so get the education you want. Thank you. Dream Big.

A Young Agriculturalist

Publié 2 janvier 2014 no picture Achmad

Inscrit le 9 octobre 2013
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What is Agriculture? Most of us realize that agriculture is a comprehensive food chain for people. Agriculture not only contributes towards producing the best quality of food, but also benefits creating a business. So, it is imperative and exhausting to embark on the understanding and importance of agriculture, more notably towards creating an entrepreneurship. Agribusiness is a system focused on business. The system has prompted young people and beyond to open a new business in the agricultura...

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