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Attain Your Goal?

Publié 25 juin 2014 no picture Micheal Adebola Adeniyi

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Inscrit le 22 juin 2014
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A goal is a short target we make and need to pursue, and in order to achieve this pursuit we have to be dedicated and hardworking. Goals are little promises we make to ourselves, but they can only be achieved, not just by sitting on premises of a school, workplace or other sorts, but by fufilling the promises we have made. Achieving goals is never easy; its rough. When you cannot achieve your goals in life, fall back in again. Try to approach any problem you meet on your way. Crush them, rush bu...

Find Out Your Passion!

Publié 15 février 2014 Avatar Emilia Siahaan

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Inscrit le 13 août 2013
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Youth around the world must have so many likes and dislikes. Moreover, youth go through a phase when young people have so many ideas and have great power. However, this is also a phase when so many young people confuse themselves in what field they fit the most in. Finally, the bad impacts that come from this condition appear. Young people often do and learn something. They rarely put their best and make it until the finish line. They often feel stressed if a problem arises and the...

In the Bright Emptiness, "LIVING & DYING"

Publié 7 février 2014 no picture Lakshya

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Inscrit le 7 février 2014
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“There comes a time in your life when it doesn’t matter to you what others think of you, because deep down in your heart you are sure of who you are.” This one is straight from my heart. Something I really want to spell out and let people know about. So I penned it down today, with a small hope that most of the people connect with it, as we all know somehow our lives are entwined. “Listen you have to take it easy. This attitude will take you nowhere. Just focus on what you have rather th...