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Story of Parina Subba Limbu, Founder of Dristi Nepal

Publié 13 février 2014 Avatar Ready Willing and Able

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What is Dristi Nepal ? Women are fighting for their rights and respectful existence here. The situation for FDUs – (Female Drug Users) is critical and they continue to be neglected, and at risk of HIV and Hepatitis infection, violence and sexual exploitation. As former, female drug users, we want to contribute to changing this terrible state of affairs for vulnerable women in Nepal. I’m Parina Subba Limbu, the founder/director of Dristi Ne...

Sudan's Lost Boys are Drawn into War at Home

Publié 6 janvier 2014 no picture Kriyana Reddy

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Inscrit le 25 juin 2013
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“Many, many people are stranded, scattered all over the place,” Mr. Atem said. “This is really devastating because we tried to go back and help this country. It’s really a sad situation.”


AWERIAL, South Sudan — When Jacob Atem was just a young boy, his parents were killed during the long war for independence from Sudan, and he found himself among the legions of orphaned children known as the Lost Boys wandering hundreds of miles across this part of Africa. Resettled and educated in the United States, he returned to the newly independent nation of South Sudan two years ago to open a clinic in the village where he was born. But the promise of this young country...

On Being an Ambitious Woman

Publié 28 décembre 2013 Avatar Carrisa T

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Rumor has it that people around me have been talking about the fact that I am, (from their perspective) ambitious- looking. I participated in plenty of competitions and achievements a lot, and I cannot live more than 2 months without actively participating in an event or competition. As an ignorant person, I do not want to really stress over the fact that they are calling me ambitious or that they are talking about me behind my back, because, hey, it is obviously beneficial for me....

Is there possibility of development without security?

Publié 10 décembre 2013 no picture CARITAS MARALAL

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Inscrit le 12 novembre 2013
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0n 30th October 2013, a student leader of Laikipia University Maralal campus was shot following a peaceful demonstration against the deteriorating security situation in Samburu. In November, two students lost their lives in Loikas the outskirts of the Samburu County headquarters- Maralal after being shot, a Samburu woman was shot in Barsaloi Samburu North. Two Turkana boys also lost their lives after being shot in Baragoi Samburu North. On 9th December a young boy in Nkabai, was at...

An Inspiring Emancipator: Raden Adjeng Kartini

Publié 5 décembre 2013 no picture Achmad

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I am highly wonder – stricken by three feminists from my city of Jepara. They struggled for women's rights in Indonesia. Raden Ajeng (R.A) Kartini, Nyimas Ratu Kalinyamat, and Ratu Shima are all women emancipators. R.A Kartini was Indonesia’s feminist educator, Ratu Kalinyamat and Ratu Shima were outstanding Jepara Queens assisting Indonesia of the occupancies of the Portuguese and directed the Holing/Kalingga Palace. From the above, Indonesia government has defined Raden Ajeng Kartini as a...

Special OneMinutesJr. Surprise! Let's Eliminate Gender Violence

Publié 28 novembre 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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This past Monday, November 25th, was Elimination of Violence Against Women Day. It was the beginning of a 16 day activism against gender violence, and YOU can join in! To find out how YOU can take action and help raise awareness on gender violence, check this out here: This special OneMinutesJr. in association with Gender Violence shows us how violence against women can always be lurking around the corner. Check out Chontelle Stewart's OneMinutesJr. right here: http://youtu...

Cyber dialogues to curb violence against women and children

Publié 26 novembre 2013 no picture Pontso SA

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Inscrit le 23 août 2013
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16 Days of activism against children and women abuse In South Africa, as in other Southern African countries, the period between 25 November and 10 December marks the campaign against women and child abuse. During this period, various activities take place to bring awareness against gender based violence and brainstorm ways to end this scourge. Among all these initiatives, the one that appeals to me most is the Cyber Dialogues which facilitates on-line discussions amongst differe...

Women Deserve Better

Publié 24 novembre 2013 no picture Cynthiia Joseph

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Inscrit le 14 novembre 2013
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The number of rape incidents recently has soared drastically. Just last year, the world lost a gem: a 23 year old medical student from India. She was gang raped by five men on a bus. After fighting for her life, she breathed her last breath and the hard battle ended. This young lady had a dream to make her hometown a better place. Bringing up more intellectual people was part of that dream. Just imagine how much she could've done if those 5 men didn't do what they did to her....

15 years old and 4 months Pregnant!

Publié 20 novembre 2013 no picture CARITAS MARALAL

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Inscrit le 12 novembre 2013
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Upon our arrival at Barsaloi in Samburu North (North-west Kenya), to coordinate and Facilitate a Gender based Violence response and prevention workshop, We got information that one woman had suffered injuries on her left arm that very night, after being battered by her brother in law. This incident caused a slight unrest in the small town that is out of network coverage and lacks hydro-electric power supply. The lady was rushed to the Catholic hospital nearby. During the workshop,...

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