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Advocates of change: e-kasi

Publié 7 novembre 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

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The Bigger than life team had an interview with a known newspaper in South Africa – the Daily Sun - in recognition of awareness about issues affecting the community in Alexandra, South Africa. "'we are legends of change''

Education, Education, Education... The Power of Education

Publié 24 octobre 2014 no picture Children's Radio Foundation

No water No Life; No Blue No Green – Sylvia Earle

Publié 7 août 2014 no picture Angélique Pouponneau

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Inscrit le 19 juin 2014
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*Close your eyes* Picture yourself flying over the Indian Ocean and you look down below and all you see is crystal blue waters and waves crashing. You take a look closer and see birds flying near the surface and dipping into the water occasionally. You dive into the water, 10 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres (just don’t hold your breath) and there with you are beautiful corals and fish. Be careful not to damage anything. It takes a long time for it to return the way it was. The S...

The Power of Beliefs

Publié 24 mars 2014 no picture Mthembani

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Inscrit le 24 mars 2014
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Our Beliefs determine our destiny. As young people I believe that our beliefs are the ones that determine our destiny in life and it is through positive beliefs that we can be able to follow and achieve our dreams and overcome obstacles that we find in our lives. Therefore we as Young Reporters in South Africa, would like to urge all of the young people to have positive beliefs so that they reach their dreams and help others in life. Listen to this piece.

Music makes young peoples' realities better

Publié 17 mars 2014 no picture Lungiswa_Connect_South Africa

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Inscrit le 11 mars 2014
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In South Africa, music is and always has been a form of escape for most of the young people, especially those from disadvantaged communities, from the harsh realities of the lives that they are living and it is through music that most of the young South Africans are able to realize their dreams live their passions. Here is an example of a young man whose life has been difficult and has used music as an inspiration to realize his dreams and inspire other young South Africans.


Publié 16 mars 2014 no picture Mychal Bliss Mwenyah

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Inscrit le 7 mars 2014
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Tragedy after tragedy, same topic every decade with no absolute idea to do away with the scourge. Climate change with a negative effect in the lives of the old, the young and more especially the youth who are considered to be the leaders of tomorrow. One among many areas of concern is the socio-economic sector. The natural causes of climate change is addressed by a layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun; this protective layer is called the ozone layer. But the activities undert...

The rising tide of cyber abuse

Publié 12 mars 2014 no picture Babygirl_ Connect_ South Africa

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Inscrit le 11 mars 2014
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Cyber abuse is continuing to rise around the world and seems to be affecting young people and children a lot more. However, there are ways to protect our youth against this so that they enjoy the benefits that the internet provides. The young reporters in South Africa have become aware of this and wish to raise awareness in their communities through the medium of radio about the effects of cyber abuse. Take a listen.


Publié 8 février 2014 Avatar Thompson_Youth_Zambia

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Under the theme of environment, I decided to tackle Energy; its impacts, merits and demerits. The environment is a place that is a home to all living things. The process of keeping it clean and healthy can be a great deal to most living things. The topic ''Environment'' caught my attention in so many ways. I thought to myself, ''Where will we live if the environment is destroyed?'' Most forms of energy have negative impacts on the environment yet we still use them. Why? Hydro-Ele...

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood in Mzansi with Children's Radio Foundation!

Publié 20 janvier 2014 no picture Moutse SA

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Inscrit le 15 janvier 2014
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The Great Ambassador Colin Greenwood was here in South Africa and caught a glimpse of what the young reporters get up to during their radio productions. Listen to his interview at Moutse FM with the young reporters and our own Baby girl (youth facilitator) as well as his interview with 5FM DJ Fresh (aka Thato Sikwane) and be inspired.

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