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The concerns of Small Island Developing Contexts

Publié 22 septembre 2014 Avatar ndmetherall

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The First UNEA Earlier this year I was lucky to get the opportunity to observe the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi, as a part of the children and youth major groups and stakeholders. The conference addressed two key overarching themes including the SDGs and the post-2015 Agenda as well as Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Timber. Within these themes, delegates addressed a wider range of sub-themes ranging from sustainable consumption and production,...

Deadly drought demonstrates the dryness of hearts

Publié 11 août 2014 Avatar Piumi Madushani

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Inscrit le 29 juin 2014
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Having observed the deadly drought in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, I suppose I will put a small note on it as the image of either drained women who walk four or five miles carrying baskets and bottles in search of drinking water. Or maybe ro the exhausted children selling few fruits by the road beneath the heavy sunshine while travelling. Thus I pondered the uncomfortable lifestyle that declares the situation which is getting worse. Indeed thousand acres of paddy cultivation as wel...

Water in Crisis - Spotlight on Bangladesh

Publié 7 mai 2014 Avatar Ann Naser Nabil

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Inscrit le 6 mai 2014
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The WHO estimates that 97% of the people of Bangladesh have access to water and only 40% percent have proper sanitation. With a staggering 60% of the population that has to endure unsafe drinking water, the nation is in danger. The availability of this water greatly fluctuates throughout the year as the warmer season brings massive amounts of water in frequent monsoons and the cooler season brings drought. The infrastructure cannot adequately deal with the barrage of water in monsoon season so t...