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Publié 28 mai 2014 no picture Ollie

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Violence is an issue that some of us face. It is a dangerous act of hatred towards someone. The damaged cause by violence is intolerable. The collateral damage of this cruelty is far beyond our ability to handle it. Recently, in my country, the news reported that 38 men took turned to rape two 15 year old school girls. Can you imagined that how cruel it is? Just a few days before, a pregnant mother was buried alive by her husband and was found dead. I was so ashamed, sad and an...

Will the world let this nation vanish from the world map?

Publié 8 juin 2014 no picture Titilayodeji9

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Man don't kill man, guns kill man! Its not a new thing in Nigeria to hear the sound of guns. People die by the hundreds daily and the world is looking. I am sure the world knows. The killing of some sects who want to take over the government of the people is also genocide. People are being killed daily and the world is watching, the world is watching us. Will the world leave us to die?


Publié 12 juin 2014 Avatar S. O. Egwurube II

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A story of Adidi the “House Help” Written by Egwurube, Samuel In story books and other reference materials, most often than not, a donkey strapped with logs of load, transporting them to desired destinations of the master, or strapped with an agricultural machine tilling a farm for the master who in turn for services provided gives the donkey water depicted the phrase ‘beast of burden’. In our society today, especially in urban and suburban cities and towns, there...


Publié 27 juin 2014 no picture Sarah Grace

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Hey everyone! I'm Grace and im new here. I am 13 years old and turning 14 this August. I am from Indonesia. Well I hate bullying so much. Why should they do that? What's the purpose of it? To try and be popular? Seriously guys?! Do you have another positive thing to make you famous at school or wherever you are? And you guys who get bullied or whatever someone did to you, i have some suggestions for you all. You need to: -Believe in God : I'm sorry, I am Christian so I beli...

Story of a girl

Publié 28 juin 2014 no picture Alaa M. Attia

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I was working in a primary health care unit with my colleagues, that is located in a rural area in my city in Egypt. I was taking information from a patient and she was about 13 years old. When I asked her about her education she said that she left school a year ago. I was shocked when I heard that and I asked her why but she didn't want to tell me anything because her mother was with her. I thought that it was her mother who forced her to leave school. The girl came to me alone an...