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The Million Dollar Question

Publié 13 juillet 2014 no picture Effie Johari

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To me, the image that immediately accompanies the word ‘millionaire’ is that scene in a Duck Tales movie where Scrooge McDuck swims in a vault overflowing with money, as well as privately owned luxury items, branded sports cars and sprawling mansions. Given a general exposure to the lives of the filthy rich and an idealized bootstraps notion of economic mobility, I join the ranks of many young dreamers who once thought they could have all this frankly unnecessary possessions....

Homeless survivor "The real survivor"

Publié 10 juin 2014 Avatar Ann Naser Nabil

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What do you think about survivors? In simple words survivors are those persons who lead their life in extreme environments where they don't get enough food, shelter etc. They hardly get three times meal a day. In those survivor tv shows we usually see a man or a group of folks go to a forest, desert, mountain area, or the costal area. There, they show us how to live in such an environment. They show us how to collect food from nature. We call them survivors. But, I don't think that they are the...