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My experience as a young person in the fight against corruption

Publié 17 décembre 2014 Avatar Yosr Jouini

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Inscrit le 26 juin 2014
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"The duty of youth is to challenge corruption." - Kurt Cobain. Corruption: is it a challenge or an obstacle? Or maybe it's an indication that something is wrong? In fact, corruption was the main cause for which the Tunisian revolution started back in 17th of December 2010. It’s been 4 years now since Bouazizi burnt himself alive in a front of the municipality as an act of despair yet rebellion against a regime that used to enhanced poverty and unemployment among people....

Teens and HIV/AIDS

Publié 14 décembre 2014 Avatar MariaJoseCelis

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Inscrit le 14 mai 2014
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The HIV and AIDS awareness day was a while ago (December 1st) .A few weeks ago I watched a video from one of my role models Troye Sivan. In this video he talked about HIV and AIDS, and the importance of being informed about it. He said that some days ago he had watched a movie called The Normal Heart, it was about HIV and AIDS. He gave a brief description of the events in the movie that lead him to come to the sudden realization that him, a 19 year old gay man, who has had a ‘’...

Movie Review: 50/50

Publié 13 décembre 2014 no picture Grace O

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Inscrit le 26 juin 2014
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Movie Review: “50/50” “50/50”, inspired by the true story of its screenplay writer Will Reiser, is a story about approaching sickness with the greatest treatment- friendship. Adam, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, is diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 27. His odds of survival (as the title suggests) are 50/50. Unlike many movies, Adam doesn’t try to discover the meaning of life when he is faced with cancer. When the doctor delivers the saddening news, he reacts...

Voices of Youth Inspire! "Consider Agribusiness!”

Publié 13 décembre 2014 no picture Ma'Reke

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Inscrit le 26 juin 2014
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I remember reading a little about Lawrence Afere and thinking how useful it will be to share his story to inspire young people to explore agriculture like they have done technology. After many weeks of trying to make contact and waiting, I finally have brought you these insightful words. Your name: Afere Alaba Lawrence Your age: 31 Where are you originally from and where do you currently live? I am from Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria, and I currently live there....

Skills for 2030

Publié 13 décembre 2014 Avatar Thamara Kandabada

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Inscrit le 7 juin 2014
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There was a time when I dreamed of a future where I would find myself a decent job, and I used to tell myself that education could get me there. I pushed myself to get the best out of the public education system in this country, and although I failed, I still had options. I wanted to get my qualifications right, so that I could get employed, and I’m pretty sure that most of you can relate to this same thought process - after being assured by our parents over and over again in our...

Ukraine: complicated and unstable situation in the ATO area

Publié 12 décembre 2014 Avatar Oksana Hirchak

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Inscrit le 6 juillet 2014
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Weekly news digest (December 3 – 9) The situation in the ATO area remains complicated and unstable. During December 3-7 there was a strong tendency towards the escalation of the conflict; the ATO forces were heavily shelled: December 4- 71 time, December 7 – 87 times. The DPR and LPR rebels continued to shell civilian objects. The “ceasefire” has so far resulted in the death of 93 civilians, 520,000 became IDPs. Still, 684 are held in captivity and 1600 are missing....

Do one thing!

Publié 12 décembre 2014 Avatar maryb

Inscrit le 26 juin 2014
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Do one thing! I’ve been thinking about this urging affirmation for some time now, trying to figure out what I would like to urge people to do. And I reached the conclusion that I would like people to try and see things from others perspective. To begin with, this activity, of trying to walk into somebody else’s shoes is of the utmost importance. We are all humans and consequently we are defined by our interactions with others. And, unfortunately we haven’t build yet a machi...

Tuition fee in Ukraine: against and for

Publié 11 décembre 2014 Avatar Oksana Hirchak

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Inscrit le 6 juillet 2014
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I have not written an article on the topic “Is it controversial” and I think it is time to do it. The last days discussions with another students about education in Ukraine suggest me an idea to share with you. The main issue which was considered is tuition fee for higher education. There is about 2.7 million students and more than 950 higher education institutions in Ukraine. Country’s expenditure on education is 6.2 % of GDP. It is more than in Italy, Germany, Franc...

Congratulations Malala! A young girl against Taliban.

Publié 10 décembre 2014 no picture GHEBOULI Zinelabidine

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Inscrit le 25 juin 2014
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Terrorism is hurting our world, it’s harming our children, and it’s killing us every day. Thousands or may be even millions of children are suffering because of terrorist groups, because of some people who thought they represent God; any way, killing, bombing and murdering other people is unacceptable, I don’t care about their reasons, I don’t care about their justifications and excuses, it’s just unacceptable no matter what. I feel really bad when I hear about terroris...

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