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Tribal Education : Rani Kajal School, Madhya Pradesh

Publié 19 février 2014 no picture Shruti_GEMConnect_Chennai_India

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Educating the minority groups is an essential part in the process of ensuring that the Right to Education is fulfilled. This is especially important in the case of Tribal groups, who are the oldest inhabitants of the country. Due to their unique culture and tradition, they often isolate themselves from the rest of the country. This has adversely affected national integration and also made them more susceptible to exploitation by the dominant groups. The following is a case stud...


Publié 20 septembre 2013 Avatar Chima F. Madu

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I had an argument with a friend, a few days ago about the rights of a child. In the course of the argument i realised that most of the reasons he had against various rights of the child were based on ignorance rather than fact. For example he said prohibiting child labour promotes the idea that children have a right to disobey their parents and not do any work they dont feel like. This is so wrong and it prompted me to write this little piece because i believe there are many others...