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Community Mapping in Bhutan

Publié 25 septembre 2013 no picture Manny Fassihi

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Inscrit le 27 mai 2013
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Everywhere we go, we find challenges: waste management, poverty, health issues, corruption, drug abuse, fights. The list goes on. But these challenges are also opportunities for us to act and bring change. In a democracy, we cannot depend on the government to solve all of our problems. In community mapping, we venture out to different communities to discover what challenges, document their stories using digital media and photography, and explore ways to find solutions. From...

Go Youth Go

Publié 11 mars 2014 no picture Thinley

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Inscrit le 11 mars 2014
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Go Youth Go Mission “To inspire youth to take ownership of their community through youth based volunteerism and channelling their potential into socially meaningful actions.” Description The GYG is a non profit organization established by a group of highly motivated young people committed to bring positive social change in Bhutan. It is an organization where members take ownership of their community by identifying problems and taking effective developmental interventions that create positiv...