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Human Rights

Publié 3 décembre 2013 no picture Carlie_GEMConnect_Hammonton_USA

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Inscrit le 3 décembre 2013
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Human rights and sustainable development is a broad topic. Human rights are the rights that one is born with; such as, being born free and equal.But even in present day the human rights of people all over the world are being violated. The violations that occur against human rights include torture and abuse in at least 81 countries, unfair trials in at least 54 countries, and restricted freedom of expression in at least 77 countries; as well as, human trafficking, different types of...

Global Citizenry

Publié 3 décembre 2013 no picture Ethan

Inscrit le 3 décembre 2013
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The world we live in is made of people from many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. When we set aside our differences and work together, we can come up with creative and effective solutions to problems people who think the same way cannot solve.

Sustainable Crop Production

Publié 3 décembre 2013 no picture Stanley_GEMConnect_Hammonton_USA

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Inscrit le 3 décembre 2013
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Sustainable crop production refers to the way of growing food in an ecological and ethical manner, which involves sticking to agricultural and food production practices that do not harm the environment, treat employees fairly, and help sustain local communities. Currently, crop production relies on mono-cropping (the process of growing one crop in a large plot of land), intensive use of commercial fertilizers, the heavy use if pesticides, and other products that are damaging the en...

Collaborative Voices for a Better World

Publié 3 décembre 2013 no picture Wayne_GEMConnectLeader_Philadelphia_USA

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Inscrit le 30 août 2013
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Can we really have a better world tomorrow? Absolutely yes, but your help is needed. I was born and raised in the 20th Century. A century famous for its conflict, it is also a century that started many things to give us hope for a better world in the future. The movement towards universal human rights and advances in communication technology that brings us all closer together are just two of many in a developing new system for positive change. As a member of the current young...

Diversity: What is most important to us?

Publié 31 janvier 2014 no picture Laëticia_GEMConnect_Chennai_India

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Inscrit le 31 janvier 2014
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The world. It is culturally diverse, it used to be such that each country has its own peculiar culture which is present only in it, but now countries have a diversity of cultures. Cities have cultural diversity as well, along with schools, families and even single human beings hold in themselves a harmonious mixture of so many cultures. This wasn't the case before, but due to evolution it has become so. When we think of the well being of human beings, when we think of making th...

Education Prevents Recruitment

Publié 31 janvier 2014 no picture Jenna Darling

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Inscrit le 17 janvier 2014
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To contribute to "Voices of Youth," I created a video out of our power point for the UN conference called, "Education Prevents Recruitment." Tell us what you think!

Tourism for Multiculturalism

Publié 2 février 2014 no picture Amanda_GEMConnect_Burnaby_Canada

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Inscrit le 30 janvier 2014
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Our idea is to promote multiculturalism through tourism. Nowadays, because Internet is so convenient, people tend to receive a mass amount of information every day, even though this information might not accurately reflect the truth. And it’s this information that leads many people to believe in certain stereotypes, especially towards certain cultures and countries. We believe that you have to actually visit the place before you can “judge” it, and get the chance to be expo...

"No one thinks of changing himself"

Publié 2 février 2014 Avatar BOUTAHAR_Connect_Maroc

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Inscrit le 2 février 2014
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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” — Leo Tolstoy Life is not easy as everyone knows, but even people all over the world have an idea about poverty, violence, wars and more. We can't find real reactions from organisations or local associations. War and violence are fueled by human greed and envy rooted in deep ignorance. A lot of families in the third-world face hardships and only do not receive a sufficient income to feed the...

Does this world belong to us or do we belong to this world?

Publié 3 février 2014 no picture Ishan_GEMConnect_Chennai_India

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Inscrit le 1 février 2014
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There was a time when all people in the world were trying to conquer it and rule over it. In other words they were trying to make the world “theirs.” Many of us today believe that man has improved since then, but have we really? We still treat the world as if something is ours alone and we will do whatever we want with it. We still use (actually exploit) resources as though they were made only for our consumption. It’s high time we realise that this world, our Mother Earth,...

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