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Mauritius Island is not just about stunning beaches, the Sun, summer, beautiful sights, amazing food, delicious fruits, a rich folklore, a mix of cultures, hospitality and the “Paradise Island” that is portrayed on postal cards, describing perfect spots for tourists to spend their holidays. Since 1968, at the occasion of the Independence Day on the 12th of March, our National Anthem is heartily sung in every corner of the Island: “As one people, as one nation, in peace, j...

Call for Submissions: Digitally Connect With Us!

Publié 1 juillet 2014 Avatar JulieVOY

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We all know that the Internet, digital media, and social networks have changed the way we learn, interact, and create change. Now it’s time for you(th) to set the conversation and share their experiences. The Youth and Media Team at theBerkman Center for Internet & Society and Voices of Youth are creating a forum for youth to get their voices heard about their online experience. The best creative pieces (essays, drawings, paintings, collages, infographics, comi...

My visit to the Connect Schools. Part 1.

Publié 21 avril 2014 Avatar Brighton_EduConnect_Zambia

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It was 5 am in the morning,this time I was heading 352 Kilometers north of Lusaka. Like always, I was very excited because I was going to meet 100 plus young people from 5 School in both Central and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia. After covering a stretch of approximately 300 kilometers north of Lusaka I arrived at Chifubu Secondary School in the Copperbelt Province. Upon my arrival I headed to the headteachers office to pay courtesy and also hear his view on how the pupils are performing academ...

Who is the victim in cyber bullying?

Publié 11 avril 2014 no picture ANTHONY_CONNECT_ZAMBIA

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Inscrit le 12 février 2014
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Who's the victim: the bully who was once bullied or you who are being bullied? Lately the number of bullying has increased mainly in schools and community's here in KITWE because those who are being bullied are in turn bullying others. An example is in a schools were a child who has been bullied will put his anger and frustration out on someone else on a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and GTalk becoming a cyber bully and the chain is made. The effect of cyber bull...

Quest for Internet Access at Luanshya Secondary School

Publié 8 avril 2014 Avatar Brighton_EduConnect_Zambia

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The internet has become part of our everyday life because of its ease access and diversity. Today, pupils from Luanshya Boys Secondary School on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia took part in a training on Connect. The training was blended with sessions on how to avoid plagiarism, re-blogs, and ways of creating a realist, achiveable and time-bound action-plan. The school received a router to enhance easy internet access to the pupils. This was done in a quest to assist pupils to sh...

#UNSLCD Conference Day 1 - Voices of Youth

Publié 3 mars 2014 no picture Jenna Darling

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Voices of Youth is a space for youth to read and see about specific issues, as well as provide their opinion or address issues throughout the world to the public. Every day we see an issue that really affects us within our own community. However, someone somewhere else doesn’t see the same thing, as they are seeing something else. This is the point of the Voices of Youth, for us to connect and share problems throughout the world.


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One lovely evening in the first week of December, I had a discussion with a friend who has a passion for writing poems and short stories. He asked for my opinion about a new story he had just wrote. During the course of our conversation, I advised him to join Voices of Youth and always post his write-ups here. He mentioned that he always sees my tweets about Voices of Youth and asked me to tell him more about it. This question and the response I gave inspired me to work on this pos...

Dear VOY, I Love You So Much: You Rocked My 2013 !!

Publié 26 décembre 2013 Avatar Aulia Maharani Karli

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I write this post, as my response and answer to the questions which was published by Voices of Youth, entitled “Tell us what ROCKED about your year!” ( In this post, I will share about my happiness, my achievements in 2013 and my goals or plans for 2014. I am really happy to be able to write this kind of post because for me, it’s all about the happiness and dreams. Believe it or not, but my happiness in 2013 started...

Voices of Youth-We Want Your Designs!

Publié 1 novembre 2013 Avatar JulieVOY

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Voices of Youth- We Want Your Designs! What does anti-bullying look like to you? As part of the #ENDviolence campaign, we need your help to raise awareness among young people about bullying and how youth can work to end it. #ENDviolence is a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against children. More #ENDviolence details here: Call To Youth Innovators: Voices of Youth will focus on the question of anti-bullyin...

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