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Be A Smart Consumer

Publié 6 août 2013 no picture Arya Satya Nugraha

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Inscrit le 6 août 2013
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Indonesia middle class grow rapidly as showed by huge amount of domestic consumption that contributes the most to the nation's economic growth. In big city, like the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, people (youngsters include) flock to Shopping Mall not only for shopping but also for doing almost anything. When I say anything, I really mean it since in Indonesian mall you can find school, office, concert hall, cinema and soon you can find museum!. Mall is not merely a noun, it...

Nepalese Youths Changing Their Societies

Publié 9 août 2013 no picture Koirala DP

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Inscrit le 9 août 2013
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Introduction It is generally said that youths are the key of social transformation. But no one can clarify exactly who are the youth. Some says those individuals who have courage, hard working capacities, dedication, devotion to bring desirable change in society are regarded as youth whatever be their age. This concept is found to be excellent where youth have forgotten their responsibilities of changing the societies and middle aged has actually fulfilled that responsibilities...

Water Available, but not to drink

Publié 9 août 2013 no picture Koirala DP

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Inscrit le 9 août 2013
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With great pride, we all Nepalese say that Nepal is the second richest country in water resource following Brazil. However, we Nepalese know the real plight of not getting pure water to drink and living in the load shedding of 14hours per day even after having such huge water potentiality. Urban areas like Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Biratnagar etc where large proportion of population is continuously pouring is mostly suffered from water shortage. Like other urban part of Nepal,...

Yeah! I’m also a Youth but Have No Energy to Change the World

Publié 13 août 2013 no picture Koirala DP

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Inscrit le 9 août 2013
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My grandfather was also very energetic youth of his time. He was born on high profile ruling family of local level as he was the son of Landlord having authority from autocratic Ranas. My father told me if we remembered the land property of our grandpa in sindhuli (In Marinkhola of Sindhuli) that would be almost equal to three quarter of Bhaktapur District of Nepal. “Even rhino horns and some valuable stones were there in our home” my father told me. Once I asked a counterpart...

Help The People of Uttarakhand, India

Publié 15 août 2013 Avatar Era Ishrat

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Inscrit le 15 août 2013
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Do you know that the people of Uttarakhand are facing so many problems after the natural disaster? Can't we just be with them and give them a hand to be free from this cruel situation? Aren't there anyone to give them some inspiration so they don't break down? I know that we all have a soft heart inside, so please who ever can do something do co-operate with all. Cause if there are a thousand tears then there are a millions or trillions of us to make them smile.. So it's my...

Facebook Leads an Effort to Lower Barriers to Internet Access

Publié 21 août 2013 Avatar Zayn_VOY_Connect

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Inscrit le 27 mars 2013
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"About one of every seven people in the world uses Facebook. Now, Mark Zuckerberg, its co-founder and chief executive, wants to make a play for the rest — including the four billion or so who lack Internet access."


Read this very interesting article on Facebook's co-founder and chief executive leading role in working towards providing access to Internet for all. Please share your comments below.

MDGs in Africa shortlisted for World Summit Youth Award 2013

Publié 21 août 2013 no picture Biodun Awosusi

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Inscrit le 12 août 2013
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Of 422 project submitted from 147 countries, MDGs in Africa is one of 60 shortlisted finalists for the three-day 2013 WSYA Winners’ Event in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In the sixth edition of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) the quality of the submitted projects brought the contest to a whole new level. The online jury selected the best projects that will compete to become one of the 18 winners of the WSYA 2013. The first round of evaluation came to an end after three weeks of inte...

Leaders are listening - are you ready to talk?

Publié 5 septembre 2013 Avatar KateVOY

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Inscrit le 5 février 2013
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BYND 2015 is a platform for young people to ensure their inclusion in the most important decisions of the 21st Century. The Global Youth Summit: BYND 2015 will assemble young people from all corners of the globe with a view to highlighting their priorities and capturing their combined voice in crucial national and international policy and decision making processes. World leaders are making decisions about your future now. They are ready to hear you, are you ready to talk?

Religious Freedom

Publié 7 septembre 2013 no picture Kriyana Reddy

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Inscrit le 25 juin 2013
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Have you ever felt alone? Scared, worried...hungry perhaps? One of the most common ways to cope with this is to reach out to an ultimate being. That natural spirit, be it person, animal, plant, etc., you have some supreme thing that you worship. Regardless of bad emotions/ feelings, you might even pray to this god when you feel good. But is it right for me to tell you what god to pray? Is it right for you tell me and chastise me if I do not? These are the questions of religious fre...

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