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Africa. What is the real story?

Publié 9 novembre 2013 no picture Kwoba @H_Kwoba

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When deciding what my first blog should be about, I had a bit of a dilemma choosing the side of focus for my post. I had the option of amplifying the negatives of my continent or try to paint a different image of what Kenya and Africa in general is all about. Every young African who is concerned about development is at some point faced with a similar puzzle; why are we always questioning what the African story should be about? And most importantly; who should be telling this Africa...

A story with three points at closing...

Publié 5 juillet 2014 no picture Yosr Jouini

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Hello everyone ! I am really honored to start blogging on voices of youth platform and interact with all of you. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Yosr Jouini. I am a civil society member, a software engineering student and an occasional blogger. So, twenty years ago, I’ve been born in a small country in North Africa called Tunisia. And I’ve been living in a city near the capital. Even though I didn’t move or change where I live, I had the chance to meet...