YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. October 11th – this is a day for all girls to remember. Can you imagine being forced to marry someone maybe three of four times your age when you’re as young as 5 years old? This fate awaits a huge number of girls in the developing world; currently one in seven girls will be married before they are 15. Ultimately this destroys girls’ youth, education and independence. Plan UK have release a short series of inspiring films speaking to the victims of forced marriag...

With the fast pace that technology is being distributed into the market place, it’s hard to keep up and some may find the constant change exciting and others simply deem it confusing. However, no one can deny the benefits new technology brings, especially for those with learning disabilities. It could be argued that new technology and social platforms are not ‘human’ and are ridding the world of personal contact. But on the contrary, for those with learning disabilities, these platforms are now...

Choosing a Child Sponsorship Charity

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Child sponsorship charities tug at your heartstrings. You want to help…but you're not sure which child sponsorship charity to choose. There are five important questions you'll want to ask before signing on: 5 Questions to Ask of a Child Sponsorship Charity • Are they making a difference? • How do they distribute their funds? • Can they be trusted? • How much does sponsorship cost? • What kind of feedback and information will you receive? For 75 years, child sponsorship charity Plan U.K. h...

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    I support children's charities in the UK and aim to spread awareness of these charities.

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