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"I am a feminist, and a woman's right activist." This is how Saba Ismael, the Executive Director of Aware Girls, was introduced during the Unicef Activate Talk I had the privelege of seeing on June 10th. A feminist is someone who believes in the social and political equality of the sexes. It is hard to believe that in the Western world there is anyone left who doesn't voluntarily claim the title of feminist, and wear it with pride. Surely everybody agrees that a world where all gen...

Between the clink of glassware and the scraping of cutlery against plates, my father's puns at dinner are often met by a blank stare and a disapproving shake of the head. My history teacher's decision to show us "Gangnam Style", two months after we had all decided the joke was dead was only met by a chorus of groans. My friend who was given a Samsung after asking for an iPhone for Christmas still resents every time she has to use the thing. Because the teenager is the most discerni...

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