Every potential employer seeks and cherishes potential employees with great job experience, a high quality education and self discipline. Imagine yourself in the reality of the average American, Asian or African story- As one of four siblings, growing up in an impoverished area in a developed or developing country to a dysfunctional and drug addicted family, where so many limitations bridged your quest for a higher education. Finding an employment or critically the first job with s...

The Right to Love

Publié no picture Edgar Akuffo-Addo

no picture Edgar Akuffo-Addo
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We create our own world. In forging our own world, we have brought to life so many things we never wished for. Psychopaths,(people with real social disorders) do exist, but perhaps we also created them and we have the ability and power to unmake them. Perhaps, we turned people into psychopaths because we failed to show them love. As we did celebrate Halloween some few weeks back, we ought to also ponder on another day we should aim to take just as seriously – a day for love. I am n...

  • Edgar Akuffo-Addo

    Inscrit le 18 novembre 2013

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