5 Reasons Why Female Circumcision Needs To Stop

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There can be little doubt that female circumcision is one of the most shocking cultural practices found around the world. It contravenes women’s rights in a violent and obvious manner and is a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of millions of girls around the world. It’s estimated that nearly 125 million girls and women have been subjected to this violation, and each year a further 3 million are at risk in Africa alone. Most people understand that female circumcision ne...

With the increase in immigration around the world, female circumcision, once regarded as a problem in only less developed countries, has begun to become an issue in nations with no history of it. Because of this it now has a significantly higher profile than it did just a few years ago, and with good reason. It’s a practice that damages millions of girls and women around the world and needs to be stopped. There are many reasons behind the practice of female circumcision. It’s a...

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    Inscrit le 20 juin 2014

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