The minority's paradox of poverty.

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Can you imagine a poor person or family being rich? Imagine this, there is a poor family that only manages to barely get by, however, they are a close knit family, they sleep on the same bed, share the same table and do nearly everything together. That is just one of the aspects of being rich that some rich families miss out on; family life. Another example of this paradox would be in terms of spirituality. Coming from the Christian point of view, those in poverty seem to have more of a hunger...

Here in Malaysia, we strive to be a 1st world country, however, we can never achieve that due to our 3rd world mentality. An example of this would be how the government chose to change the education of science and mathematics to English but then revert it back to the national language of Bahasa Melayu. We took 1 step forward, but 2 steps back. In 2003, the education system made it so that the students would learn Math and Science in English, however, the government reversed this policy in 2009...

  • Inscrit le 20 février 2012