Prevention is better than Cure

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Inscrit le 21 février 2012
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For many years, doctors are focusing more on curing sickness or diseases than preventing it. We know that prevention is always better than cure. People only start worrying about their health when they started having sickness or diseases. Maybe because this is the human nature, people only start to appreciate what they had lost. A good health is prevention based. Curing a sickness or disease does not makes your health better, eventually it worsen your immune system. Most of the people lack of the...

As we know, education is a very important element in our life. Without it, one can never go far in one’s life. What are objective education and subjective education? Objective education is what we all learned in schools. For example, mathematics, sciences, language, sports and arts are all objective education. Most schools only provide objective education, but not subjective education. Subjective Education is the knowledge of the self. It helps one to understand and realizes the true self. All o...

  • Inscrit le 21 février 2012