Why do people like to stay up late?

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Nowadays young people, especially college students tend to stay up late every night. Some of them just loitering in facebook, some are claimed that they are actually studying, and also few of them have the problem of sleeping (Insomnia). Whatever the reason is, why should them just wasting their time by doing something meaningless instead of getting a nice sleep? Most of them are saying that they can’t sleep at earlier time because sleeping late has become the habit and it is hard to change it....

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Source: <> We often hear people say that we need to recycle because it is very important. But how well do we know about the significance of recycle? It is too sad to say that we humans live in this modern era doesn't have the awareness of recycling even though we have heard those long term issues like environment and climate change. We couldn't do anything about it, so why bother thinking of it? Let's start little by little from ourselves, like doing recycle work to reduce the waste that...

  • Inscrit le 23 février 2012