Injustice among us

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Recently many countries had been built their economic system in capitalism mode. Even in Asia and Afrika this condition likely to be seen. Some people thought that capitalism is something that natural to happen in this modern and globalization world. But the sad truth there are some people who can not catch up with the competitive rhyme in capitalism. This people known in below economy line group. Person who can not afford their education higher or even in standard level is tend to be clueless t...

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    Right now I'm majoring in Poitical Science on University of Indonesia and have passion in writing and entrepreneurship. I spend my whole time thinking what I have done and not. I have seen the bitter sweet pictures in my youth life. But it doesn't stop me from open up my eyes until now. Cause life goes up and down :D

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    Floem (Environmental Club) and Association of Political Science Students on University of Indonesia, Indonesia