One of the major problems in world is hunger. Aquaponic is an integrated farming technique that could solve hunger in places where water is scarce. Its main components are hydroponics and aquaculture in a closed and controlled enviroment. The greatest advantages are: offering to every family a way to survive by cultivating vegetables and fresh water fish using only 2% of water they will use in traditional agriculture. The system could be implemented with recycled materials in their homes and the...

  • Martha Fernandez

    I am concerned about 3 topics: how to consume the best food, improve water use and encourage participation. Aquaponic is a great project to help mitigate a lot of problems regarding this topics, therefore I am writting articles to motivate people to undertake projects of food production in home. Aquaponics is a tecnique to cultivate organic vegetables and freshwater fish in your backyard with minimal effort, great harvest and a lot of water saving. Check my site:

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