Will China never stop?

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Inscrit le 27 juin 2012
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Yesterday, June 27th, China (CNOOC) officially made an announcement to invite international bidders to bid for 9 lots petroleum in 200 nautical miles of Vietnam's Economical Priviledes Areas, which are all under Vietnam's Goverment control. This action of China is seriously illegal, it has violated the UNCLOS (1982). Now, they totally ignore Vietnam, as they give themselves the right to do whatever in another country territory, especially small countries like us. Friends, please help Vietnam t...

In every post I write, I'd like to say as the first sentence that I'm Vietnamese, my native country is Vietnam. It's certain that everyone loves their country, where they were born, where they are loved and grow up. Maybe, in your mind you have never heard about Vietnam, where is that? Or you would rather know about Somalia better than Vietnam. I know that. Some of you might think that Vietnamese are Chinese because you might think that we “look the same”. But WE ARE NOT THE SAME. I can't stand...

  • Inscrit le 27 juin 2012