The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) initiated the United Nations programs called "UNITE against AIDS" as part of the Millenium Development Goals for 2015. Its main goals include reducing the adult population infected with HIv/AIDS and eliminating the number of children infected with AIDS, both within five years. At the General Assembly in early June, world leaders adopted the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS to prevent HIV/AIDS infection in populations at greater risk. Furthe...

UN Secretary General: Ban Ki-Moon

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A Modern Day hero is someone who can stand up for his or her moral beliefs and continuously proceed to attain that goal. A great example of the hero is Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the current secretary-general of the United Nations, who was recently relected to serve another term. His focus during the past three years has not only been geared toward accomplishing Millenium Goals such as literacy and women's rights, but also implementing the Junior Profession Officer (JPO) program. This program gives colle...

The Japanese Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of Irvine high schools each hosted a bake sale at lunch time in early April to raise funds for the Japanese relief effort. The sale was held in Irvine High School, Woodbridge High School and University High School. “We paired up with Team Kids, a non-profit community organization in Irvine, because they are well-known for their lemonade stand,” said Hiroko Kondo, co-President of the Woodbridge High Japanese PTA. “We sold baked goods-either home-mad...

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