A letter from a Refugee Student to American Students


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A letter from a Refugee Student to American Students

This letter is my words to American Students in Berkeley Carroll High School in Brooklyn; I had a chance to meet them at a United Nation Students Conference on Human Right in December 2010. Many groups of young people whom I met at the conference are groups of young people who are fighting for the rights of every child and every human in our world. Not only was I amazed by the ambitions of these young people but I was also amazed by the encouragements they bring to each other. This letter is my personal experience as a refugee and as a student in New York, two perspectives of how I see my two world- the world that lacks opportunities but still was the place where I learned about life; and the world with all opportunities but where life needs encouragements.

“I am a half Thai and half Burmese refugee from Thailand. Now I am an 11th grade student at Brooklyn International High School. The United Nations and USA Home Land Security resettled me with my family in 2008.

I lived in a Burmese refugee camp in Thailand for 2 years before I moved to New York. It gives me the knowledge of another perspective of life, the unique side. Refugee camp is a place that victims of society take as their home. However, not everyone knows that life in a refugee camp can open your eyes, ears and mind about the world and the life conditions of people who were not born with rights and fairness. It also gives me a chance to interact with fellow refugees and NGOs including the Thai government.

In 2008, I moved to USA with a dream to achieve the highest education level. I learned how lucky students in this country are; we go to school for free tuition, meals, supplies and extra support. Where some areas in the world that schools are still not existed. I am honored and invited by NGOs, agencies and schools in the New York City to get involved in activities. The only reason I participate in all of these activities is because I want to inspire people, make them show their strengths and together we can make positive changes for our world.

I want people to realize no matter how tired they are or how hard they have to work, and no matter how much their teachers talk or no matter how strict their parents are, there are children, younger and older, who just wish to at least have a job to support their families, wish to have teachers to teach them and parents who can support them. I believe in the power of everyone and believe that everyone at least once in our life should stand for someone, but my question is when would that be? Are you ready to stand for someone next to you?”

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