A peaceful world without war, or a world with war to keep the peace ?


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Nowadays some governments have said that to keep a peaceful world "we vhave to make war". I ask you, what for? I'd like to know your point of view to find an easy and the best way to have a nice life and the most important thing be able to "think and live like real humans having a satisfactory life".

I disagree with these kind of governments, but if we analyze it this issue may be a little controversial. I'm sure most of people or everyone will say that the most correct way to keep peace is living with respect and tolerance and a high level of education for everyone!

To finish this post I want to warn that it's only an article to discuss this situation, not to make controversial speech. Let's work for a better world and a better life...


P.S. I usually speak Spanish, I'm sorry for my English. We can talk in both languages but it doesn't mean I just accept these two languages, let's be free and speak with our hearts!

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