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In recent years, the problem of child abuse in Vietnam has becoming more alarming than ever.

A painful truth! I am not talking about child abuse as in slapping around, canning or brutally scolding. I am the talking about the kind of abuse that makes words like “gruesome” and “uncivilized” sound nice. I am talking about the kind of child abuse that involves FETTERS and CHAINS, HAMMERS and PLIERS, KNIVES and HOT IRONS, pretty much all sorts of malicious torture methods that were once thought to only exist in the middle age. And just to make it clear, I am not talking about convicted criminals in the old times. I am talking about children in Vietnam at the present days.

In 30/11/2007, a serious case of child abuse was reported where a kindergarten teacher duck taped one of her own students to stop her from crying but “accidentally” forgot about it, causing a tragic DEATH to an 18-month-old girl. Not long after, a video was released in January 2008, showing many children were being brutally beaten in a private kindergarten by no other than their own teachers and babysitters. However, that was not the end of that. This case has lead to a series of reports on child abuse across the country. This goes without saying, the public was furious. That, unfortunately, was the end of that story.

In May 2010, the most horrible case yet on child abuse was uncovered. Hao Anh, a fourteen-year-old boy, was rescued from the house where he was living and admitted to a hospital in the most hazardous conditions: multiple injuries, severe infections, burnings and scars all over his body. He was missing 3 teeth, which were later revealed to have been pulled out by pliers.

An empathetic society? It has been almost a year since Hao Anh’s case was brought into the light. Those who were responsible for the crime were trialed and sentenced. However, it seems that NO overall measure was taken to prevent violence against children in general because just recently, another case of child abuse with no less cruelty was reported. A girl was found in an abandoned shack near a swamp. She has run away from home after years of being physically and emotionally abused by her own FATHER. The methods of torture vary from heavy beatings to despicable techniques that involve hammers and chains. The girl has missing teeth, inflammatory ears and a broken arm.

It is obvious that with each case of child abuse reported, there could be ten unreported. There could be hundreds and more children out there who are victims of different levels of abusive violence. Protecting children from violent acts is just as important as fighting illiteracy and raising funds for children with HIV/AIDS. These children are not just crying in agony for help but desperately screaming for it.

So I plead for your attention. I plead that you would take action and help the future of our generation. The longer we wait, the more they have to suffer. You will find more information and photos on cases of child abuse in Vietnam in these following links:





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