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Argentina is beautiful. From the north, where you can see the amazing Andes Mountains, to the south, where you find breathtaking glaciers, and all the incredible views in between. When you visit Buenos Aires, you can sense the melting-pot of cultures everywhere, from the music to the food. I live in the city and it can be incredible at times, but when I find myself thinking about the reality of the situation, it's not so incredible anymore.

This country is said to be a democracy, but it really doesn't feel that way. Ever since 1983, when the military dictatorship ended, this country has had free elections, but that is not all that defines a democracy. There needs to be a level playing field when it comes to government elections, liberty of speech, free access to information and media, and many more qualities that Argentina doesn't process.

In this point in time, Argentina's president is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She won the elections with the vast majority of votes, but nobody questions how she won. Most of her support comes from the loyal voters of the political party founded by Peron. It's important to mention that this party has adapted to a lot of circumstances throughout history, including not only a left, but right wing ideal (for example in Menem's presidency).

Kirchner follows a left wing model for the most part. She wants to be the new Evita Peron, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, and a lot of people support her unconditionally, but what they don't see is that she doesn't really give to the poor or take from the rich. The most affected by the political situation of Argentina is the middle class. All the taxes can sum up to 60% of a person’s salary, and you get nothing in exchange. Most of the tax money goes to political campaign and maintaining all the governments outrageous and most of them meaningless expenses, like “Netbooks for everyone” or “soccer for everyone”. These public policies, are not centered in the things the society need; instead they are purely political strategy, full of propaganda. The worst part, as I stated before, they are financed with tax money. This money was meant for education, health, retirement plans, security, and many other areas where the government should intervene, but decide not to.

These political elites constantly take advantage of their power, stealing rights from the people they supposedly represent. They do everything in their power to maintain their political standing. They undermine the opposition, abuse the media coverage (national coverage at least once a week), violate the right to free access of information (like in the Ciccone case, where they expropriated the company without a known owner), forbid you to do what you wish with the money you earn, they do political campaigns in high schools (which is illegal), and many more violation to our rights.

I feel trapped. They have created a system which I would call “competitive democracy” (term borrowed from authors Levitsky & Way). It’s a mix of democratic and an authoritarian regimen. There may be democratic elections, but everything else in a democracy is violated. This government is full of lies and it will continue to be this way until more people start realizing that this is not a government that thinks about their people, it is a government where the people that should be representing us are thinking about their pockets getting fuller and no the bettering of this country.

Argentina may be beautiful in my eyes, but its beauty is hidden by all the lies, secrets, corruption, and lack of interest in the people that make it what it is.

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